Image One – Draft 2


Without foreground figures


Proposed layout for foreground figures (one will be on the other side of the frame as well to make it symmetrical)

I’ve really gone all out to learn about image editing techniques for this project. Without wanting to make it look Minecraft-y, I’ve created my own textures for the cave wall. This serves the dual purpose of avoiding copyright issues and allowing my full creative freedom in the structuring of my work. Suffice to say, my Photoshop literacy is certainly growing!


My original cave wall background, made using different filters and the displace tool to render it 3D-ish.

I’ve tried to really thematise the notion of reality vs the imaginary in my textures and compositing. The silhouetted man is made from blotchy watercolour brush strokes and the cave wall itself is nearly opalescent, rather than the browns characteristic of real life. These ghostly effects perhaps intimate that the space between the reflector (the phone) and the reflected (real-world events behind the subject) is a ‘between’ space, blocking the connection between reality and its memory.

I know the image needs greater light contrast to make it clearer, so I’ve got to figure out a way of amending this that doesn’t interfere with the three-dimensional effect of the rocks and shadows. At the moment, the silhouette is slightly indistinct from the background. I’m also having some trouble deciding how I’ll represent the life events situated in the foreground. They have to stand out and even jar against the background, to be juxtaposed against the hazy figures mirrored in the phone. There should be a lot of copyright-free stock images of weddings, parties, etc, to use, and that way I won’t go against any privacy or copyright issues. The figures’ backs will be turned to the camera, either way.

The next job for me is to fill the phone screen. I’m currently undecided as to whether the platform should be FaceTime or Snapchat to meet my original brief.


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