Image Two – Draft 1


This is the start of my second image idea. I intend to analyse semiotics of the digital visual vernacular, by parodying the balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet. Playing out her famous ponderings on semiotics over text rather than in person, we can see how context affects the semantics and sincerity of a thought or sentiment.

At the moment I haven’t finished composing and placing the texts in the frame. This means the ones already present aren’t in their proper places. I want to post an MMS of a selfie ‘taken by’ Juliet on her balcony to follow this sequence.

Draft 1 Romeo & Juliet.JPG


2 thoughts on “Image Two – Draft 1

  1. Your satirical approach really makes an iconic scene seem petty under present day technology! I love it! I think maybe to make it less personal you could add notifications up the top from other applications like Snapchat and Tinder maybe? And maybe adding emojis next to Romeo’s name? Or changing his name to like ‘RomeoBae’ or something?


  2. As a massive Shakespeare and Romeo & Juliet fan, I am seriously in love with this concept! I love the use of emoticons and of course, the iconic dialogue from the balcony scene. I’m not sure if this was a deliberate decision or not, but there are a few apostrophes missing in the text (e.g. ‘what’s’ and ‘it’s’). However, it could also be the effect you were after – i.e. literacy skills compromised for digital literacy skills in the technological age 🙂

    I’m assuming this is a screenshot from your own mobile and I love the authenticity that this gives your image. To potentially increase the conceptual element of your image, you could make the messages received on an Apple iPhone as it is the most prevalent mobile phone in our society.

    Otherwise, awesome work! I’m excited to see what the selfie is going to be. Perhaps have a think if you’re going to modernise Juliet (e.g. give her modern clothing and/or facial piercings/tattoos); if you’re going to take the Juliet picture yourself or if you’re going to use a pre-existing Juliet (e.g. Claire Danes from Romeo + Juliet).


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